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Everyone in Washington state can now access affordable HIV prevention. The providers of One-Step PrEP® are pleased to provide One-Step TelePrEP, our virtual PrEP service. This once-daily regimen is 99% effective in preventing HIV and is 100% accessible from your own home. Best of all, most patients pay $0 for complete care.

How Do You Want To See Us?

In Person

One-Step PrEP®, founded in 2015, was the first pharmacy-led PrEP clinic in the country. As our patient, you will have one in-clinic visit every three months with a pharmacist provider at Kelley-Ross Pharmacy. This service is ideal for someone who lives in the greater Seattle area. However, this option is open to all patients.



One-Step TelePrEP, our virtual PrEP clinic, is designed to serve our entire Washington State community, no matter where you live. As our patient, you will have one virtual visit every three months with a pharmacist provider using Zoom™. This service is ideal for patients who do not live in the greater Seattle area, frequently travel, have a variable schedule, or prefer not to leave home to receive PrEP care.

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What Is PrEP?

PrEP — or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis — involves an HIV prevention medication called Truvada® or Descovy® for HIV-negative people. Either of these medicines can significantly reduce your chances of becoming infected with HIV. Truvada was approved for use as PrEP in July of 2012 by the US FDA*, and Descovy was approved in October of 2019**. When used every day, PrEP has been shown to be effective in reducing the risk of contracting HIV by up to 99%.


Reviews From Our Patients

The flexibility to do appointment online and choose when to do the testing is great.

One-Step TelePrEP Patient

I was pleased with how easy it was to do the testing. Instructions were clear and the process was quick and easy.

One-Step TelePrEP Patient

it was really simple and smooth.

One-Step TelePrEP Patient

Super easy to use and understand. Given the circumstances, a great way to keep everyone involved safe.

One-Step TelePrEP Patient

It was a great alternative to in-person meetings!

One-Step TelePrEP Patient

Katie was great and patient while we dealt with some internet connectivity issues. I love everyone at Kelley-Ross!

One-Step TelePrEP Patient

I just love coming into the clinic and taking care of everything there.

One-Step PrEP Patient